Tools for exploring Handshake and the DWeb.
Your Handshake starter pack.

Browse Handshake

Beacon is a desktop and mobile browser for Handshake.

Get a TLD

$HNS is the currency of Handshake used to buy top-level domains (TLDs)

Create a wallet

Self custody your coins and names with Bob Wallet

Host Name Records

Free public nameservers for Handshake domains

Secure your domain

Simple SSL Certificate generator for Handshake

Buy / Sell subdomains

Domain registrars for Handshake second-level domains

Browsers and Resolvers to surf the New Internet.


Desktop + Mobile HNS Browser
Privacy Centric Mobile Broswer
HNS Desktop Reference Client
Android Browser
Mobile Privacy Browser


Desktop Menubar Resolver
SPV Resolver
Public DNS Resolver
Bob Wallet Chrome Extension
VPN App and HNS Resolver


Ethereum domain names for HNS TLDs
100+ HNS TLDs A - Z
Ethereum-based .Forever registrar
Utilties for your Handshake names.

The Basics

Wallet and Domain Manager
Block Explorer and Naming Tools
Free Public Nameservers
Handshake Name Hosting
SSL Certs Made Simple

More Apps

Ethereum SLD Registry
Encrypted Messaging
Decentralized Name Exchange
IPFS Gateway on Handshake
Handshake Email Service

Site Tooling

Arweave Sites on HNS
Static Sites on HNS
Github Pages on HNS
IPFS Hosting on HNS
NGINX Sites on HNS
Unpacking topics in blockchain and DNS.

Reading Guides

Protocol Design Notes
A Namespace for the DWeb
HNS on Hackernoon
Understanding $HNS + TLD Supply


Wallet and Domain Manager
Name Trading Platform
Securing HNS Websites
SPV Resolver on Raspberry Pi

Deeper Dives

Understanding TLD Markets
Understanding $HNS Tokenomics
Steven McKie
Mark Tyneway


General Discord Chat
Namebase Discord Chat
General Telegram Chat
Developer Telegram Chat
Trading Telegram Chat
Bob Wallet Telegram Chat
HNS Native Messaging